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[Review] Kang Daniel – The Story: RETOLD

Kang Daniel is back with the repackage ‘The Story: RETOLD’. This comes about six months after his album ‘The Story’ originally came out.

For this review we will only be writing about the new singles, if you’d like to go back to the original review, you can click here.

This album contains the new tracks ‘Selfish’, ‘Nirvana’, ‘Ghost’, ‘Ride 4 U remix’ and the solo version of ‘Nirvana’. Let’s take a closer look!

The Story: RETOLD

The first new track is ‘Selfish’. This is a pretty cool modern pop track with a dope synth bass line. I like how the very start has a bit of a festival vibe.

‘Nirvana’ is the title track of this repack. It features Hip-Hop artists pH-1 and WDBZ. This is a fun electro pop track. We get a good beat and excellent presence. Kang Daniel really picks his featured artists so well!

The music video is filled with visuals left and right. The red outfit in particular is one hella cool fit.

The next new song is ‘Ghost’. We’re going synth pop for this one. The lyrics were co-written by Kang Daniel and the full track is all about how you can still live with someone’s ghost after a break-up. Kang is even rapping in this one!

The remix for ‘Ride 4 U’ is awesome! I love how echoey and spacey they made it feel. The vibes are immaculate! The chanting of the chorus is super cool. I’m glad they kept that in from the original. The beat they added, added a lot of extra depth to the instrumentals. The outro is a straight up vibe.

‘Nirvana – solo version’ is the last new track on the album.

Overall, this feels like a very solid repackage. You can listen to ‘The Story: RETOLD’ by Kang Daniel on Spotify here.

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