[Webtoon] My Younger Brother’s Friend

This week we’re featuring a modern romance Webtoon series titled “My Younger Brother’s Friend” by Nimni. If you loved the husband-guessing gimmick of the Reply series, this is absolutely the Webtoon for you.

My Younger Brother’s Friend

The story starts in the present day, with Ga-eun meeting up with her old college friends to invite them to her wedding. Before looking at the invite, they start guessing at the husband… There were three boys hanging around her in the past. Is it the cheeky, handsome childhood friend Dowan? The calm, collected, and responsible class president Sangu? Or the quiet and intimidating but kind-hearted Jun?

We then flash back to when Ga-eun was a junior in college living with her younger brother, a high school senior. Ever since their parents’ death, she has tried to stay strong and confident amidst juggling school and raising her brother. And after getting dumped by her boyfriend, dating was the last thing on her mind… until she starts getting involved with three of her brother’s friends.

The verdict

Seriously, this is basically the Webtoon Reply 2010 series we’ve yet to get. The characters are all interesting, and crucially for this type of series, the plot development doesn’t sink your ships too soon. As usual, I was more into the guy who doesn’t end up with the Ga-eun, but that’s the curse of my perpetual second lead syndrome I guess.

The art was pretty, more or less exactly the aesthetics you’d expect from a modern rom-com Webtoon. Good, but nothing mindblowing. At least after all the romance fantasy binges, it was good to see people in normal clothes with normal people proportions. Refreshing.

The romance was so cute! And miscommunications or misunderstandings didn’t drag on for no reason. The whole thing is 86 chapters long, so actually, nothing drags on more than it needs to. Perfect length for a rom-com, easy to binge, doesn’t toy with your emotions. What more can you ask for?

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