Photo Credits: SM Entertainment/ SJ Label

SJ’s Donghae comes back with the single album ‘California Love’

Super Junior’s Donghae just dropped the single album ‘California Love‘. This release is his second solo release and includes features by NCT’s Jeno and (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon.

California Love‘ featuring Jeno is the title track for this single album. I really liked Donghae’s rapping in the song and as expected his singing was fantastic. Jeno’s feature was super cool and I loved how they both blend so well.

The music video looks expensive, the vintage style in it is super pretty, the neon lighting cool and the sets are aesthetically pleasing. Watch it below.

A very fun instrumental arrangement starts ‘Blue Moon‘ featuring Miyeon. This single is funky and super cool and I really liked the playful feel to it. A very easy and fun listen.

Overall, Donghae put out a very charming and chill release with great features. You can listen to this single album here.

Kathleen Herrera
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