Photo credits: CUBE Ent

LIGHTSUM is back with ‘Light a Wish’

The girls from LIGHTSUM are back with their new single album ‘Light a Wish’. The single album contains the new singles ‘VIVACE’, ‘You, jam’ and ‘Popcorn’. If you want to read about their debut, you can click here.

VIVACE‘ is the new title track and came accompanied by a music video. This future bass single has some funky synths in the instrumentation and is a really cool listen. It’s fun!

‘You, jam’ follows that with some dope electrobeats. This is a catchy, 2nd gen inspired vibe.

The last track is ‘Popcorn’. This cheerful bubblegum pop single is absolutely lovely! It’s a total earworm and begs to be blasted in your car during a roadtrip with friends. I love it!

Overall ‘Light a Wish’ by LIGHTSUM is a catchy single album that has some great tracks. You can find the single album on Spotify here.

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