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[Review] PIXY – REBORN

The girls from PIXY are back with their brand new album ‘REBORN’. We’ve been really looking forward to this release so let’s dive right in! In this album the girls’ storyline is that the fairies are reborn into new people who have no memory of their previous lives.


We start off with the track ‘Villain’. When I tell you that I was shook after the first listen, it is an understatement. I’m completely obsessed. The vocal layering is awesome. There’s one layer that remains at the same tone, while also having a vocal line that descends. I am so in love with this track. The rap sections are incredible. The low tones are mesmerizing.

The music video is absolutely incredible. The members look amazing and i’m just a sucker for women with guns to be honest.

‘Breath’ follows that up. This groovy pop track has some blues to it. It’s sensual and the instrumentals in the back are superb. This is a candle lit dinner that gets very intense. Also the vocal belt in the backing track is insane.

Next up is ‘Natural’. We’re going 80s retro with some funky synths. This is groovy and the layering is lovely. I really enjoy the vibe and the play with rhythm during the rap verse. The little sample from what I assume is a film, adds such a nice dimension to the single.

‘Deja vu’ is a trap track with intense vocals and instrumentation. The little ‘skkrt skkrt’ in the back was adorable.

Following that up is ‘Greetings’. This ballad has a really lovely build-up of instrumentals. The vocals don’t get overshadowed and really get to shine. Again, I’m in love with the duality of the low and high registers.

‘Swan Song‘ blesses us with Rock PIXY. It’s a vibe. The electric guitar during the rap verses is honestly such a cool moment. I love!! This is a banger and I’d love to see this live with a rock band accompaniment.

The closing track is the instrumental version of the title track ‘Villain’.

Overall ‘REBORN’ by PIXY is an incredible mini-album that really shows their various strengths. I can’t wait to see what comes next for this girl group.

You can find the mini-album on Spotify here.

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