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[Review] NCT 127 – Sticker

NCT 127 is back with their third album ‘Sticker‘. We have been getting a lot of sneak peeks for this album with track videos and a lot of NCT 127 content for the promo of this album.

Its Melon description explains that this album is a work of global hitmakers, and by its credits it definitely has an interesting mix.

Let’s dive straight away into the music.


A flute riff, heavy bass and a hip-hop tempo kick off this release in the title track ‘Sticker‘. This single is very much NCT 127 title track style with an interesting mix of melodies that get even more intriguing as instrumentals are added. The vocals as usual are flawless, and the vocal line taking over to also rap was a very cool addition.

The music video as the song goes off and has a lot going on, but fits this single to perfection. It has a cowboy-ish vibe that gets even cooler with the neon lights and the choreo. Watch it below.

We go onto the hip-hop track ‘Lemonade‘ with an addictive bass and fantastic rapping. Once again the vocal line goes off and takes over with their rap delivery.

House and dance music come along in ‘Breakfast‘, and this song is a full vibe on its own, the composition, harmonizations and full style are just so GOOD. This B-side is an absolute killer and is going straight to my favourite B-sides playlist.

Focus‘ plays next with a superior EDM/R&B sound and an immaculate feel. The falsettos and high notes are incredible, and the addition of the rapping in the bridge was smooth. This track is effortlessly good and it is likely to become a gem in their discography.

The pop ballad ‘The Rainy Night‘ comes along with very soft and stunning orchestration, and NCT 127 vocal line bringing out emotions in listeners. This song is a beautiful listen from start to finish.

Global hitmakers

A very interesting mix and sound are present in ‘Far‘. This song kinda feels like the OST of a futuristic adventure film, and it is very different and I would say new to NCT 127’s discography.

Bring The Noize‘ is next with some serious NCT 127 title track style. Its sound is unique and leaves a very strong impression with the very first listen. The style of this track is something that just NCT can pull off, it is experimental and edgy.

A dreamy sound drastically changes the mood with the next single, ‘Magic Carpet Ride‘. NCT 127’s vocal line does what they do best singing their heart out and having NCTzens feeling the feels. This track is absolutely stunning and a breath-taking listen.

Road Trip‘ takes over with a dreamy sound and a lot of wholesomeness. I found this track cute and heart-fluttering. Next, and with a lot of groove we get ‘Dreamer‘. Get ready to start jamming to this very fun and up-beat single with the usual flawless harmonizations.

We get to the end of this album with ‘Promise You‘, this track has a bit of a retro vibe with the synth, but it is a very enjoyable easy listen.

NCT 127 went a bit more experimental with this album, and they did a fantastic job. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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