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[Review] MIRAE – Marvelous

2021 rookie group MIRAE is back with their third mini-album ‘Marvelous‘. This group has been constantly surprising us with their music and super cool music videos. Their production is fantastic and the concepts they have been developing in the previous comebacks have been super fun and interesting to watch.

We are excited to see the surprises this new release is bringing. Let’s dive into the music to check it out.


We start off with disco and funky tunes with ‘Future Land‘. The harmonic rapping in this song is fantastic and I really liked the playfulness in its rhythm and style. This song is definitely a nice start for this release.

We dive straight away into the title track ‘Marvelous‘. Get ready to be hyped up with this song. The harmonisations are awesome and the pop/EDM mix in this song is really giving me early summer hit vibes, just what we needed. As a title track this single really catches listeners’ attention with its constant up-beat and energetic tempo.

The music video for this single has youthful and full of energy style with very cool visuals and special effects. The members look adorable and also killed it in the dance breaks. Check it below.

A rather soft synth comes along in ‘JUICE‘. This song is a super refreshing listen. Its composition is super cool and I loved the instrumental additions and the balance between the rapping and singing. The line “you got the juicy juicy” will be stuck in your head for a while with its catchiness.

Next up

Final Cut‘ follows up with a killer mixing and layering. This song is an absolute bop and a solid b-side. It is definitely a song to lift up your spirits after a tiring day. We continue on with this up-beat and wholesome feel with the single ‘Amazing‘. The rhythm in this single is fantastic and will seriously have you jamming to it.

Last on this mini-album is ‘Seven Pages (Dear My Friend)‘ and this song is all about harmonisation and a bit of a retro pop style I completely loved. This single was fully written by the members and made this song an extra special and fantastic closure.

MIRAE keeps growing musically and delivering great music for fans. Check their previous release here, and listen to this release here.

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