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[Review] MIRAE – Ourturn

The boys from MIRAE are back with their new mini-album ‘Ourturn’. Let’s dive right in to discover what they brought back for us!


The opening starts right off with the title track. ‘Drip N’ Drop’ is a fun and trendy Dance track with a bit of trap beats. The chorus is super catchy and will for sure be stuck in your head all day. Memer Khael helped write the lyrics and helped compose the track.

‘Welcome to the future’ plays next. I am absolutely living for the very intense EDM bridge. It’s bonkers and immediately grabs your attention.

After that we get ‘Daydreamin”. Member Lien helped write and compose the track. This is very soft and lovely pop. I enjoyed the melody and the vocals.

‘What are you doing?’ follows that. The rap line really took the cake in this one. I loved the intensity and the ‘right in your face’ quality of the layering. It’s dope. The chorus is built up out of catchy ‘what are you doing?’ phrases repeated. Members Junhyuk, Dohyun, Siyoung and Yubin have writing credits.

The closing track is ‘FALLING STARS’. The opening of this immediately brings you to a different universe. It’s a lovely pop ballad with fantastic vocals. I’d love to hear an acoustic version of this.

Go ahead and listen to ‘Ourturn’ by MIRAE on Spotify here.

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