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[Review] KINGDOM – History of Kingdom: Part VI. Mujin

The boys from KINGDOM are back with their new installment of the ‘History of Kingdom’ series, this time introducing member Mujin in Part VI. Let’s dive in!

History of Kingdom: Part VI. Mujin

We start off with the instrumental ‘Intro: Stigma’. From the first note I was obsessed. The classic instruments really set the tone well for their storyline of the Japanese ruler. It’s beautiful and heroic.

Next up is the title track ‘Dystopia’. What a cool blend of contemporary and traditional. I like the addition of the distorted strings in the chorus. The vocals are great and the overall build-up is very nice!

The music video is stunning, has some really cool transitions and honestly I’m kind of obsessed with the outfits. The red stage is really cool with the sheets and also shows that blend again of the traditional and contemporary. We’re ending on a cliff hanger and are introduced to the following member Jahan in a desert.

‘Song of the Wind’ is a soft track that has a lovely waltz tempo and flow. It’s a stunning track that really lets the vocals shine. I kind of wish there was a music video for this track, just to see some waltz dance moves incorporated in the choreo.

Next up

After that we get ‘Elements’. Talk about a musical whiplash. We’re going hip hop heavy with a funky beat and a chanting moment in the opening. The chorus is catchy and begs to shout along to in the car. The electric guitars in the backing track during the chorus are great. To be honest this song took a couple of listens to understand what was going on, but I’m digging it.

‘My Wave’ comes along with a cute pop track. This totally could have been a summer release because it makes you want to dance on a beach. It’s a fun listen and has a catchy hook. I really enjoyed the layering in this one.

Following that is the track ‘Love is Pain’. The staccato strings are fun to listen to and I really like the build up towards the chorus. The harmonization was fab and the bridge kind of gave me chills. This is a very cool track, I like it!

The last track is the instrumental version of the title track.

Overall KINGDOM did a great job with their new mini-album ‘History of Kingdom: Part VI. Mujin’. Go ahead and listen to it here on Spotify.

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