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[Review] KINGDOM – History of Kingdom: Pt. V. Louis

The boys from KINGDOM are back to wow us with ‘History of Kingdom: Pt. V. Louis’. As you might have guessed this is their latest installment in the ‘History of Kingdom’ series where each member gets their own historical figure. It’s still pretty dope if you ask me. Let’s dive in!

History of Kingdom: Pt. V. Louis

We start off with whispers and a dramatic violin in the track ‘Intro: Requiem’. The ‘Kingdom of Beauty’ is really well introduced in this intro. It’s reminiscent of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

We’re going to a French chateau in ‘Long Live the King’. It’s a cool track with good vocals and really impressive rap verses. I liked the flow of it and just wish that they had gone a bit harder with the electric guitar.

I loved the little reference to ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ with the painting starting to crack as Louis is also an immortal – or at least that’s what I’m getting from the storyline. Also why does 3:59 look like he’s being beheaded and then has joined the afterlife?

‘Period’ comes next. This is a lovely soft pop ballad. I love their soft vocals and the emotional moment they created. Also hello vocal belt in the last 30 seconds!

Next up

After that comes ‘Destiny’. This is such an interesting song! the instrumentals are absolutely bonkers. The switches in tempo and the oddly thrown in samples and synths shouldn’t work, but they do! It’s dope! The rap verses are absolute fire.

‘WAKA WAKA’ follows that. We’re going to a summer party in this one, which is a bit strange considering we’re fully in autumn now and I’ve been putting on sweaters the past few weeks. It’s a fun track though. It’s very playful and catchy to boot.

‘Poison’ is a groovy pop track with a cool rhythm and a very fun vibe. I like this one a lot. It’s begging you for a dance while sipping on some wine.

The closing track is the instrumental version of the title track.

Go ahead and listen to ‘History of Kingdom: Pt. V. Louis’ by KINGDOM on Spotify here.

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