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[Review] KINGDOM – History of Kingdom: Pt. VII Jahan

The boys from KINGDOM are back with their new mini-album ‘History of Kingdom: Pt. VII Jahan’. This album is the finale of the first season of KINGDOM’s stories. Let’s dive in!

History of Kingdom: Pt. VII Jahan

We start off with ‘INTRO: APOCALYPSE‘. This is a beautiful intro with stunning instrumentation and a very dramatic flow. It’s a perfect storytelling device.

Next up is the title track ‘Coup d’etat’, which is French for an overthrowing of the government. It’s a cool track with great vocals and a solid beat. I really enjoyed the chorus and rap verses.

Next up is ‘LOVE SONG’ which kind of gave me musical whiplash. This is a cute pop track with a very soft instrumentation and a cute theme.

‘X-GAME’ is up next. This is a cool track with a lot of electronic instrumentation. It makes you want to go clubbing.

After that we get ‘ON MY WAY’. This is a very fun synth pop track. I’m really digging the instrumentation and the pace of the single.

The last track is ‘SANDCASTLE’. We’re ending with a pop rock moment. It’s very cute and definitely deserves a stripped down acoustic version.

Overall ‘JAHAN’ is a very solid installment in the KINGDOM discography. Go ahead and listen to it here.

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