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[Review] Fromis_9 – Midnight Guest

The girls from fromis_9 are back with the mini-album ‘Midnight Guest’. Let’s dive in to discover what kind of music they have in store for us today.

Midnight Guest

We start off with ‘Escape Room’. What a fantastic start to a release. This track is sexy R&B with a sick bass and super smooth vocalization. This is such a dope track! Honestly this is a 10/10. I’m in love. The little bridge where they were able to create such a small soundscape while having such big vocals, is incredible.

Next up is the title track ‘DM’. This is an incredibly fun title track. The high notes are insane, and the vocals carry the song super well. I’m also a fan of the funkiness added to the instrumentation. It’s cool.

After that we get the soft ballad ‘Love is Around’. This one feels super gentle and soft. ‘Love is Around’ has a super lovely piano instrumentation. It very much feels like a winter ballad, so it’s lovely to close off the winter listening to this track.

Next up is ‘Hush Hush’. Members Park Jiwon and Lee Seoyeon have writing credits on the track for both composing and the lyrics. ‘Hush Hush’ is based on a mix of House and Pop and flows effortlessly along. The chorus is super catchy and I would love to see a live performance of this.

The closing track to the mini-album is ‘0g’. We’re being blessed with city-pop fromis_9. I’m absolutely here for it! It’s super soft and well mixed so that we get the classic city-pop soundscape without being overbearing. The vocals are soft and warm and it’s another 10/10.

‘Midnight Guest’ is another great comeback by Fromis_9. They did an incredible job delivering so many different genres while still feeling coherent.

Go ahead and check out the EP on Spotify here.

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