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[Review] EPEX- Bipolar Pt.1 Prelude of Anxiety

Rookie alert!! C9 Entertainment just debuted their newest boy group ‘EPEX’. Consisting of the eight members Wish, Keum, MU, A-Min, Baekseung, Ayden, Yewang and Jeff, this rookie group released their debut EP ‘Bipolar Pt.1 Prelude of Anxiety‘.

With this title, the group is not just beginning their career but also their first era, the MELON description describes this album as “stories about the various ‘beginning of anxiety’ experienced during adolescence“.

They are for sure starting their career with an interesting concept. Now, let’s dive into the music.

Bipolar Pt.1 Prelude of Anxiety

Starting off this album we get ‘Go Big‘. As the title suggests this song goes off and big with some electro-trap, synth and heavy bass. The track is hip-hop rooted and it becomes a complete hype tune with the members’ harmonizations in the chorus.

Electronic music and hip-hop blend together in the title track ‘Lock Down‘. This song had me impressed with the members rap delivery and flow. There is an urban feel to this track that I totally dig, my highlight in the song is the bridge with the very sweet vocals. They really gave it their all to impress listeners.

The music video for this song mixes a bit of an apocalyptical vibe with futuristic aesthetics, definitely a unique mix that goes great with the feeling of this song. Watch it below.

Spanish guitar and some very cool electronic beats start off ‘Cyanide‘, this song is a full vibe on its own. The mix of tunes is really good and there is a freshness to it that I really liked. They really went off with the layering of instruments and mixing, and created an interesting track that flows amazingly with the members’ rapping and singing.

With some serious early 2000s hip-hop/R&B feel, ‘No questions‘ is next. The harmonies are breathtaking in this song, and the singing fantastic.

We get to the end of this release with the R&B rooted song ‘Sling Shot‘, the beat drops and singing in this track is amazing. I loved the little dreamy-like effects added in the layering, this B-side is definitely my favourite one in this release. It was super well done and ended this EP on a high note.

EPEX debuted with a really well done extended play that has a very distinctive and unique sound. I can’t wait to listen to the next series in this era.

Listen to this EP here.

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