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[Review] Dvwn – It’s Not Your Fault

Dvwn is back with new music, at the beginning of the year he released the single ‘Free Flight‘, and today he dropped his second EP titled ‘It’s Not Your Fault’.

We are excited about this release, let’s dive into the music.

It’s Not Your Fault

dot.‘ is the intro for this release, and what a way to start this EP. This song wraps listeners in a tight hug with an insanely good musical build-up, overwhelming instrumentation and amazing vocals. It’s a full experience and a majestic way to start this release.

The title track ‘Yeonnam-dong‘ featuring lIlBOI is next, this R&B song is chill and smooth, it flows with an easy going vibe that I loved. It is just effortlessly good. The music video follows this vibe with an organic concept that just focuses on the delivery of the lyrics and the feelings. Watch it below.

Featuring CHE, ‘Humming‘ plays next with a more alternative sound, the electronic beats in this track and its flow have a summer-ish feel I dig. This song is an easy listen and the rap verses of CHE were chill and super cool.

Soft electronic R&B comes along with the track ‘HOSTEL‘ featuring Jane, and this song is all about feeling the lyrics, and letting yourself be caught in the musical power of this song.

Transitioning smoothly we get ‘BADKID!!!‘, this song takes over with a more lo-fi R&B influenced track that gets even better with the acoustic orchestration inclusion. Dvwn’s vocals in this song are SMOOTH and those high notes are powerful.

The instrumentation in ‘Goodnight‘ featuring Kwon Jin Ah is definitely something else. This song is beautiful from start to end. The gospel choir is insane and his and Jin Ah’s vocals are a heavenly mix.

The piano acoustic driven ballad ‘HOME‘ is next. Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster that intensifies with Dvwn’s lyrical delivery. The high notes in this song are just powerful and the lyrics beautiful.

Mirror‘ closes this release as splendidly as it began. The musical build-up and instrumentation are out of this world. The drums and electric guitar are powerful, and at the same time, they feel like the perfect closure for this release.

Final thoughts

Dvwn blew me away with this extended play. It is powerful and musically rich, every song complements each other very organically, as if they were narrating different short stories within one big tale.

The transitions between songs are smooth and I would highly recommend listening this release in the same order as it is.

Listen to this release here.

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