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[R&B Gem] Dvwn

Dvwn is our feature for this week’s R&B Gem. His music is soulful and unique, and he finds a way to amaze us with every single comeback. He has written for artists including SHINee, Kang Daniel, GFriend, among others.

Jung Da-woon (aka. Dvwn) debuted in 2018 under Studio MOS with the EP ‘Panorama’ and the title track ‘fairy’. He also released a few singles on his Soundcloud looking for feedback from listeners (Hip-Hop Playa Interview).

Soon after his first release, he got noticed by ZICO who had established KOZ Entertainment and joined the agency.

In 2019, he started the project ‘Dawn Defibrillation’ which consists of three volumes released between 2019 and 2020. In his interview with Hip-Hop Playa, he shared that this series was created with the idea of making the heart of the listener feel awake when listening to the songs. 

The first volume includes the singles ‘Last’ and ‘Insomnia’ featuring YAYYOUNG. 

Burn The Memory’ featuring GIRIBOY is the second single belonging to this project. 

Dawn Defibrillation Vol. 3’ included the singles ‘Concrete’ featuring CHEEZE and ‘Forever’.

Latest projects

In early 2021, Dvwn released the single ‘Free Flight’. The well-known actress Park Shin Hye  is featured in the music video. 

His latest release is the album ‘It’s not your fault’. With this release Dvwn gathered a set of very soft and smooth tracks that became a non-skip and solid album with incredible features.

As part of its promo, Dvwn released a visualiser for each single in this album. These visual pieces are stunning and unique. 

Dvwn’s discography is full of soft and stunning gems that more should listen to. Make sure to check out his discography here, and follow him on Instagram for cool updates of his works. 

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