Photo Credits: BigHit Entertainment

MV Rec: BTS – Serendipity

We are back with a brand new music video recommendation, and this time we are going back to BTS‘ ‘Love Yourself’ era and their music video for ‘Serendipity’.

Serendipity’ is a well-known and beloved song in BTS’ discography. It’s a beautiful pop-ballad that brings emotions to listeners with stunning harmonies. It has been almost 4 years since its release and I still can’t get over how pretty the music video is.

With a very minimalistic and carefully crafted set, the music video of this song is all about the universe, connecting and perfect aesthetics. Every single shot is just breathtaking and Jimin did an amazing job expressing the lyrics and message of this track.

One of my favourite shots is the one where Jimin is facing the ocean, that full panel looks like a painting, an absolute piece of art. Let’s not forget the moon and stars landscape with that dreamy fairy like feeling. 

This music video is art in every single shot, make sure to watch it below. 

Kathleen Herrera
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