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BOYNEXTDOOR is back with new music in the third part of their ‘First Love Story Trilogy’, since their debut, they have not only grown their fandom but also taking listeners through the “Excitement of First Love”, and “The Pain of a First Breakup”.

We are excited to listen to the new story the have to tell! Let’s dive in!


OUR‘ begins this releases on a hip-hop note, with sweet melodies and their incredible rapping flow, the mix between singing and the verse delivery is flawless and opens this release on a high note.

We go onto smooth tunes and lovely singing with ‘Amnesia‘, the layering in this single is super dope and fun, packed with little surprises that makes it impossible to not to jam at this single. Just lovely!

Synth-pop and a touch of rock take over in ‘So let’s go see the stars‘, and delivers a heartfelt song with a very pretty composition that mixes a bit of retro with nostalgia.

With the title track ‘Earth, Wind & Fire‘, BOYNEXTDOOR goes playful with a very impressive single mixing EDM element with hyper-pop. This song is a very fun listen, the mixing and little special effects added make it very interesting and refreshing. It only gets better when paired with the visuals of the music video, they go off with eye-catching visual effects, a lot of green screened background, and excellent camera work and transitions. Watch it below.

l i f e i s c o o l‘ moves along this mini-album with chill vibes in a laid back hip-hop style track, with great rapping and fantastic vocal additions. This track follows the same up-beat playful vibe, bringing joy to listener with the impeccable mixing and creativity behind this song!

The rock ballad ‘Dear. My Darling‘ takes over and bring retro vibes in an arrangement focused on vocals and feelings. This song feels way too short, but it is AN EXPERIENCE.

We reached the end of this released with the english version of the title track.

BOYNEXTDOOR went over and beyond all the expectations we had, this mini-album is a total solid listen packed in non-skip songs. Perfection from start to end. Make sure to experience this release here.