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The girls from BABYMONSTER are back with their latest mini-album ‘BABYMONS7ER’. Let’s take a closer look!


We start off with the opening track ‘MONSTERS (intro)’ which immediately sets the tone with a powerful vibe. I like the way the album description describes it: “You can feel the song’s overwhelming presence in its unique majestic atmosphere, and the powerful beat, intense synth sound, and addictive riff stand out.”

Next up is the title track ‘SHEESH’. This is a track with a blend of hip-hop and dance. It’s continuing the powerful momentum and even adds a baroque piano riff.

‘Like That’ is up next and was produced by Charlie Puth. This is a Dance Pop track with a cool beat and a cool synth in the backing track.

After that we get the 7 member version of the pre-released ‘Stuck in the middle’ which was released in February.

The same goes for ‘Batter Up’ which was their debut single in 2023.

‘Dream’ is a ballad and was a pre-debut track that hadn’t been officially released yet.

The closing track is a remix of ‘Stuck in the middle’.

You can listen to ‘BABYMONS7ER’ by BABYMONSTER on Spotify here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
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