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[Review] TXT – Minisode 3: TOMORROW

TomorrowXTogether (TXT) is back with new music in the sixth mini album ‘Minisode 3: TOMORROW’. They keep surprising us with each new release and we are looking forward to check what they have prepared for this EP. Let’s get right in and listen to the music.

Minisode 3: TOMORROW

House music and groove kick off this release in ‘I’ll See There Tomorrow’. The beats in this track are amazing and an absolute win for those who enjoy EDM. This song is an amazing opener, but as if they cannot surprise us more the next track ‘– — — — ·-· ·-· — ·–‘ comes as a massive throwback to the morse code use in their debut release.

The title song ‘Deja Vu’ plays next with an interesting genre mix, with pop, EDM and a touch of emo-rock. The full composition in this song is great, full of emotion, splendid vocals and ad-libs full of passion! For the music video, once again they blew our minds with an incredible production packed in storytelling, breathtaking shots and a compelling story that will have fans coming up with theories.

Miracle’ comes along with a smooth rock driven tempo, electronic beats and great singing, this single is an amazing listen, we totally loved the harmonies and all the heart poured into this song.

Seobin and Yeonjun become a sub-unit with ‘The Killa (I Belong to You)’. This song brings an afro-beats mix with fantastic vocals, showing a more sexy and smooth sound of TXT’s Hyung line. Definitely an unexpected addition that feels very much like the continuation of ‘Tinnitus’.

Quarter Life’ with the second new sub-unit including Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai, plays with a medium-tempo rock instrumentals and a rather emotional delivery. The feelings get real in this song, and shows a more raw, real and heartfelt side of this unit.

Closing this release is the Anemonia remix of the title track.

TXT once again delivered a solid mini-album, not only further expanding their sound and surprising fans, but also delivering fantastic music in a very cohesive release. Make sure to check it out here.

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