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[Review] QWER – MANITO

The girls from QWER released their first mini-album ‘MANITO’. This four member K-pop band has my expectations sky high! Let’s dive right in!


We start off with the title track ‘T.B.H.’ and what a way to open an album! This is a fun, crazy track that has anime vibes and I’m loving their vocal strength! The bridge is fantastic!

I am going to obsess over this music video as well, because this is ADORABLE. I’m loving the energy, the quirkiness and the storytelling.

‘SODA’ is up next and starts with a cute intro. This is sparkly, high energy and just a fun vibe!

After that comes ‘Free-Dumb’. Here’s the album description: “No matter what, we can’t stop it, shout out the declaration of freedom!” I like the guitars in this and the fast pace. The bridge is super cool and I would love to see this live.

‘G9JB’ follows that with some lovely instrumentals! I enjoyed this chorus a lot and Siyeon really did well with the vocals.

‘Ferris Wheel’ is the first ‘softer’ track on the album. It’s absolutely lovely and a really nice listen. I would love to hear a stripped down acoustic version of this.

Next up is ‘Make Our Highlight’. I like this a lot! It begs for you to shout along to and is a perfect concert video song.

The closing track is ‘Manito’ which starts off with a very dreamy instrumental. What a soft way to close the mini. I really enjoyed this as it feels like a jazzy synth pop track. The instrumentals are very spacious and it really begs for a re-listen.

You can listen to ‘MANITO’ by QWER on Spotify here.

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