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Rapper in the Spotlight: Coogie

In this week’s Rapper In The Spotlight we are talking about another member of the well-known crew: Yelows Mob. We previously shared the careers of the members Sik-K and GroovyRoom, but this time we’re writing all about Coogie.

Mixtape and debut

Kim Jeong-hoon (aka. Coogie) debuted in 2018 under ATMseoul. Before his official debut he had already released the mixtape ‘PRodo’ in 2017. 

His official debut was in March 2018 with the single ‘HBK’ featuring Ted Park. Soon after, he dropped his first EP ‘Coding Black’ including his mixtape track ‘Movin’ & Movin’’ featuring Bla$e Kid.

During his debut year, Coogie released the four single albums  ‘Coogie’, ‘Coosebumps’, ‘Preview’ and ‘Wifey’ and the EPs ‘Coogie’ and ‘EMO #1’. In these releases he had very interesting and well-known features, including Changmo, Jay Park and SUPERBEE.

Check out the music video for the title tracks below .

Jeong-hoon started off 2019 with the release of the single album ‘Hooligans’ including a feature with Bill Stax. 

This release included the single ‘Title’, this track has a more personal and raw feel. Part of the lyrics go as: 

“(…) Everyone says i’m living a good life, i guess it looks like that
Everyone says i look like i have a lot of things, maybe y’all do
Every morning the wound bleeds, it dries even if i wipe it and wipe it
My whole closet is tainted, my washing machine won’t work
My mom caught me with cigarettes, but I’m sorry, I can’t quit
Because my head aches, because my illusions are too thick(…)”

Lyrics by:

Watch the music video below.

This single album was followed by the singles ‘Pipe Down!’ featuring SUPERBEE and ‘GPS’.

His collaborative EP ‘S.O.S (Sink or Swim)’ with Sik-K was released this same year. This extended play is an absolute gem, you can listen to it here. Check out the music video for ‘Wet The Bed’ below. 

He closed 2019 with the single ‘Right away’ featuring H1GHR MUSIC’s artist pH-1. Check this single below.

First Album

2020 started off for Coogie with the release of the single ‘North Face’ featuring Jvcki Wai.

His first album ‘UP!’ was released next. This album included features of GIRIBOY, Simon Dominic, The Quiett, among others. You can listen to this release here.

Coogie teamed up with Jvcki Wai, Paloalto, The Quiett and Bassagong for the single ‘Fadeaway’. This collab is an absolute banger that deserves a lot more recognition. Check it below. 

The single ‘Life Goes On’ featuring pH-1 was next, check it below.

Latest works

Coogie started 2021 with the release of the singles ‘POW’ featuring GRAY, followed by ‘UP & DOWN’ featuring Mirani and PENOMECO

I Got A Feeling’ is his latest release; this extended play includes features by Wonstein, The Quiett, lIlBOI, among many others. Listen to this release here


Coogie participated in a couple of OSTs, including the very popular single for the drama ‘Abyss’, ‘Into The Abyss’ featuring Suran. 

His other work was the soundtrack for the production ‘It’s okay to be sensitive 2’. Check it below.

You can listen to Coogie’s full discography here, and follow him on Instagram for cool pics. 

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