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Rapper In The Spotlight: Sik-K

The feature for this week’s Rapper In the Spotlight is another talent under H1GHR MUSIC. Let’s dive into Sik-K’s beginnings and music career. 

Kwon Min-sik (aka. Sik-K)  became known after his participation in ‘Show Me The Money 4’, he was part of the AOMG team with Loco and Jay Park as producers. He is also part of the crews “Lonely Sound” and “OTC” along with label mates GroovyRoom.

In an interview with ARIRANG K-POP he said that he gave his mixtape to Jay Park at one of his shows, and decided to enter the hip-hop survival program after seeing that he will be part of the producer team. 

After the survival show, Sik-K released the single albums ‘Untitled’, ‘My Man’, ‘I Call It Love’, ‘Styling’ and ‘Nowhere’.

In 2016, he dropped the EP ‘FLIP’. This release includes the very well-known track ‘Rendezvous’. This release was followed by the single ‘Ring Ring’ featuring Gaeko.


Sik-K officially joined H1GHR MUSIC in 2017 and released the single ‘FLY’. Soon after he came back with the EP ‘H.A.L.F (Have.A.Little.Fun)’.

This release was followed by the EP ‘BOYCOLD’.

2018 was a busy year for Sik-k, he released the single albums ‘Choppy’, ‘Plus It’, ‘youth.wit.purpose’, ‘XX’ and ‘Fire’, along with the EP ‘TRAPART’. 

Sik-K’s 2019 started with the single ‘ADDICT’ and was followed by his first full-length album ‘FL1P’.

Later on in the same year he came back with the single albums ‘WHY YOU?’, ‘Is It Love?’, ‘WATER’ and the extended play ‘S.O.S’.

Min-sik enlisted in the military towards the end of 2020, however, before leaving he dropped some fantastic music, including the EP ‘Officially OG’, the single ‘TELL YA!’ and the regular and deluxe version of his second full-length album ‘HEADLINER’.


The list of features and collabs Sik-K has been in is lengthy, here are a few of our favourite ones: 

  • EUNG FREESTYLE’ with DPR LIVE, Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz and Flowsik.
  • Decalcomanie’ with IMLAY. 
  • Iffy’ with pH-1, Jay Park 
  • KITKAT’ with Woodie Gochild, HAON, Sik-K, pH-1
  • Giddy Up’ with HAON, pH-1, Woodie Gochild, Jay Park 
  • The Purge’ with pH-1, BIG Naughty, Woodie Gochild, HAON, TRADE L and Jay Park

(This track is part of H1GHR MUSIC’s compilation album

For the full list of features and collabs click here

SiK-K’s Soundcloud has some gems that need to be listened to, check it out here. And make sure to head out to his Spotify profile for hours and hours of dope music. 

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