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Rapper In The Spotlight: Blase

We are back with a new rapper in the spotlight, and this week we are sharing the career of an indie artist that has been growing in popularity steadily. His sound is unique, and he always comes up with something fresh and new to surprise audiences. Let’s talk about BLASE.

Shin Yeon-deok (aka. Blase / Bla$e Kid) debuted in 2018 as part of the duo RoofTop, this same year he also debuted as a solo artist with the EP ‘0’, with the title track ‘Give me up’ featuring Coogie.

In 2019 he released the single ‘Rain Man’, and ‘SPIT!’ featuring Coogie. From the beginning of his career he has adopted a trendy style, a lot of his tracks include a mix of beats with a unique identity and sound, and it is hard to pinpoint his music colours. He experiments a lot with sounds and flows. 

He followed up these releases with the 2020 single album ‘CONFLICT’, later on that year his second EP ‘WAGWAN’, and the single album ‘PAY OFF’.

Show Me The Money

Blase participated in seasons eight, nine and ten of the survival show ‘Show Me The Money’, even though he didn’t make it to the finals for any of the seasons, he did leave a few dope performances. Check them below. 

He also appeared in the show ‘High School Rapper 4’, he is referred to as the rap teacher of the rapper Roh Yoon-Na, and collaborated on stage on the show along with Coogi. 

Latest works

In 2021 he released the EP ‘SNATCH’, the singles ‘What you doin’?’, ‘New Season’, ‘Pasta!’, and ‘Get Enough’, and his first album ‘Blasé’.

His latest works are his second full length album ‘MultrillVerse’ and the single ‘New World’. 

Make sure to keep up with his latest releases here, and check his Spotify for his entire discography. 

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