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Rapper In The Spotlight: Sleeq

For today’s feature we are bringing a talent that caught my eye with her participation in the MNET show ‘Good Girl’. She is breaking stereotypes with her message of raw delivery and honesty, and her music is outstanding. Today we are talking about Sleep.

Kim Ryeong-hwa debuted in 2013 as part of the crew We Make History Records. Her debut single was titled ‘Lightless’, a track full of lo-fi tunes, a fantastic flow, and very chill vocals. Listen to it below. 

Rap Tight’ is the title of her second single released in 2014 under the label Daze is Alive Music. With this single Sleeq went for a more raw and heavily rooted Hip-Hop style. Below you can watch her live performance of this song.

Later on the same year, she released the single ‘Classism’, which was followed in 2015 with the single ‘Energy / Python’ and her collaboration with Don Malik for the single ‘Daze or Confused’. You can listen to these singles below.

Her collab with the balladist Paul Kim was released towards the end of 2015. ‘Can’t Let Go’ is the title of this track and definitely is one legendary collaboration that merges her incredible rapping with Paul Kim’s outstanding vocals. You can listen to this single below.

Rewarded Art

In 2016 Ryeong-hwa released her first full length album titled ‘Colossus’, this album was praised by the Hip-Hop community and earned the Underrated Album of the Year award at the 2017 Korean Hip-Hop awards. 

If you want to listen to this masterpiece, check it out here. Below you can watch her music video for the single ‘Liquor’ which was included in this release.

2017 was a busy year in Sleeq’s career, she released the collaborative album ‘Fommy Hiltiger’ with Don Malik, and also dropped the single ‘MA GIRLS’. You can listen to the album below, and also check out the music videos. Her releases for this year were diverse and unique but at the same time all of them had Sleeq’s signature rapping. 

The lyrics for the single ‘MA GIRLS’ are incredible, Sleeq goes personal in this song and delivers lyrics that are dark, powerful and somewhat hopeful. Part of them go as:

“(…) No, I am your courage that keeps you from falling
All I am doing is taking clumsy steps though
No, I am nothing at all, the implicitness that keeps
those steps of mine from not stopping does not come naturally (…)”

“(…) I am your courage, I got yo back (got you back)
You don’t have to be afraid no more (no more)
I will inhale all the sadness and anxiety you feel
so you can be at ease (gon’ be alright) (…)”

Translations by: hiphopkr

Her album ‘Life Minus F Is Lie’ was released in 2018, the title track for this release ‘I Love U’ showed a new side of Sleeq as a rapper. It doesn’t go hard as other ones she has, but it leaves a strong impression with her smoother, soft and heartfelt rapping.

In 2019, she released the single ‘I’m Okay’, and this track is more upbeat and fun. It showed a brighter and cooler side of Sleeq. Listen to this release below.

Good Girl

Mnet’s show ‘Good Girl’ definitely put the spotlight on Sleeq, her touching solo and group performance, as well as her self written lyrics touched the audience’s hearts. 

This show definitely had many memorable performances, here is a list of our favourite performances by Sleeq.

  • Here I Go

It can’t get more raw and honest than this. This performance was deep, personal, and I’m sure it struck a chord with many viewers.

  • Blinding Lights

Can it get more adorable than this? I doubt it. Sleeq’s singing voice is as fantastic as her rapping.

  • Don’t Cry For Me

By far our favourite one, Ailee and Sleeq are one powerful duo, and this song was a rollercoaster of emotions from start to end. 

Sleeq is definitely full of talent. And we are rooting for her success, she has all the talent it takes. Listen to her releases below, and follow her on instagram, she is adorable. 

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