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[Review] Lee Jin Hyuk – SCENE26

Lee Jin Hyuk just dropped his new EP titled ‘SCENE26‘. This is his first comeback this year, let’s check the surprises he is bringing with this new release.


This extended play kicks off with the title track ‘5K‘, co-written and co-composed by Monotree. This very funky track has some fantastic instrumentation that makes it even groovier and enjoyable. I really enjoyed his rapping with the groovy guitar riff, this song is super fun and a very cool and uplifting listen.

The music video follows the same flow as the track, with fun and colourful shots. The set is stunning, I really like the museum concept and the incredibly smooth transitions. Watch it below.

Silence‘ comes next with an alternative and EDM driven track. Jin Hyuk kills it with his rapping in this track, the arrangement and layering of this track is really cool. The beat drop in the bridge is just awesome and had me hyped up.

Early 2000s Punk/rock vibes take over in ‘Asteroid‘, this song is giving some serious anime OST vibes and I am here for it. Loved his vocals and the orchestration in this track is 10 out of 10.

Trap, hip-hop and synth come next in ‘HATI-HATI‘, Jin Hyuk goes off with his rapping in this track and it is awesome. He kills it with every single verse.

Be half-awake‘ plays next, this song is a very much needed break after the intensity of the previous tracks. It’s a very easy-listen with a fun and playful composition.

Old school hip-hop beats introduce ‘Wave‘, the rapping in this track is awesome and I really enjoyed the underground feel to this song.

Closing this EP is ‘Coup d’Etat‘ with trap beats and Jin Hyuk’s rapping at its best. This song goes off and ends this release on a super hyped note.

Final thoughts

Lee Jin Hyuk released a super cool EP that showed off his amazing rap skills and how diverse he is as an artist. He also has writing and composing credits for most of the track in this mini-album.

Get ready for a musical ride, and make sure listen to this release here.

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