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Queendom Puzzle – Episode 3 Recap

We’re back with our recap of episode 3 of ‘Queendom Puzzle’. This latest episode was a wild ride of emotions, cool performances and a lot of great moments of collaboration between all the participants: Let’s dive in.


We started off the episode with the two teams of the ‘Charismatic’ track. The two teams had time to bond and started prepping hard. Both teams had to quickly adapt as they heard the news that Chae Yeon and Haein had left the show. That meant that they had to switch parts around and rearrange some vocals as both teams went from seven members to six members.

We also saw how they shot the performance videos. Gabee from dance crew La Chica showed up to help coach the Drop and Pick team. There were some struggles and some corrections, but they both successfully completed filming.


Emotions ran high at the beginning with some of the girls being upset they were dropped, however they were able to overcome that and start planning ahead.

Bora shared that choosing all three rappers in her own team was a conscious choice to make sure that her team had the best performance. This left the other team switching from being a vocalist to being a rapper. Juri, Elly and Fye took over the rapper positions in the Drop team.

Choi Youngjoon, the choreographer came to visit the two teams during practice and guided them through any mistakes.

During the shooting, the Drop team had some issues as it suddenly started pouring during their shooting time. The producer however decided to keep filming and it led to some really great footage. The Pick team had fireworks in theirs.

Judge panel

In the studio all the teams watched each other videos. We also got to see footage from the secret judges. Some of them included BTOB’s Minhyuk and Eunkwang, Hyolyn, Gabee, Choi Youngjoon and the producers of the music videos and the producers of the tracks themselves.

There was some major member appreciation and they all scored the performances and chose the MVP of each winning team.

The winners of the ‘Charismatic’ group were the members of the Pick team with member Nana winning the MVP title.

For the ‘Snap’ performance the winning team was the Drop team with Hwiseo snagging the MVP title.

Remix Battle

Hwiseo and Nana were able to form the teams for the next challenge which is aptly named the ‘Remix Battle’. For this battler they both had to create the teams, which were divided into six after the songs choice was revealed, the groups ended up as follow:

  • “Nxde” Team: Nana, Jihan, Dohwa, Suyun.
  • “Fighting (파이팅 해야지)” Team: Elly, Jiwoo, Juri, JooE, Soojin, Yuki.
  • “Shut Down” Team: Hwiseo, Fye, Sangah, Riina.
  • “Only One” Team: Soeun, Kei.
  • “Don’t Call Me” Team: Miru, Wooyeon, Yeoreum, Yeeun, Zoa.
  • “Dance the Night Away” Team: Jiwon, Bora, Chaerin, Seoyeon, Suyun.

Now with new teams formed, they all got to work and prepared the songs, with some new combinations, we got to see them bonding while preparing for this performance and we were in for a surprise.

Soeun and Kei clicked at once, finding that they had a lot in common and was one iconic and wholesome moment in this episode.

Soon after this the ‘Nxde’ team, got ready for their performance, with an impressive and rather complex choreography they were all very worried about. Nevertheless, during their stage the showed their performing skills and made sure this stage ended without any incident. Soon after this stage ended we got to see the score right away, and they ended with 222 points.

Next team to take the stage was the ‘Fighting’ one, we got too see a bit of the preparation for this stage, and all the hard work the put into it. This stage was full of energy, and the members killed it with a fun performance and stable vocals. Right after it the audience voted and they ended with a total of 209 points.

The next team to perform is ‘Only One’, however, we will see it next week. In the meanwhile, catch up with the previous episode here.