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This week we have a very special R&B Gem. We are talking about the career of a pioneer composer, singer-songwriter and producer who never misses, for this feature we will be only focusing on her solo music and not in her lengthy producing credits. Let’s dive into SUMIN’s discography. 

SUMIN is know for her one of a kind sound, she was the first to bring life to the sub-genre Neo-KPOP in such a successful way, her music is a lot not experimental and not limited to R&B however, she has a very driven R&B beginnings and collaborations. 

Park Soo-min (aka. SUMIN) debuted in 2015 under Luv Jone Records with the single ‘It’ll Get Hot’. The following year she released the mini-album ‘Beat, And Go To Sleep’ and the single ‘U & ME’.

First Album

With her career bluming, SUMIN music did not stop coming, her next release was the 2017 single album ‘Sparkling’ including features by Hoody and PERC%NT, this was her last release under Luv Jone Records.

At the end of this year, she dropped the single ‘Mirrorball’ in two different versions, this single marked the start of SUMIN’s more experimental sound, the star of NEO-KPOP with and R&B undertone.

In 2018, after release a pre-release single, SUMIN came back with her first full length album ‘Your Home’.

With her next release ‘OO DA DA’ in 2019, under the agency MOTHER, SUMIN made sure that this released was not only experimental but also a very cohesive piece with tracks that complemented each other in an unique way. She also created a music video that included the highlights of each single. Watch it below.

Her next release what the special single album ‘Onstage Digging Club Seoul Theme 03’, including the single ‘Love is Strange’ featuring Qim Isle. In 2020, she came back with the EP ‘XX,’ including four next singles and her immaculate vibe. 

Between 2021 and 2022, she released the singles ‘Infinity’, ‘Fightman’ featuring Sokodomo, ‘Drawer’ and the OST ‘HUGS’. 

Collaborative releases

Throughout her full career, SUMIN has collaborated several times with many artists and released collaborative albums. In 2018, she dropped the first one aling with Kirin, titled ‘Club 33’. 

Between 2019 and 2020, she released a few collaborative singles, in cluding ‘Coating’ with Maalib and WRKMS; ‘Dirty Love’ with Zion T. ; ‘2020’ with Kirin and ‘TAKE CARE wit KozyPop’ with George. 

In 2021, she release a few collaborative projects, including ‘Creamppang’ with Zion.T, the album ‘Miniseries’ with Slom. 

Latest release

SUMIN’s latest releases were the Christmas single ‘2022 Christmas VIBE’ with pH-1, and the single ‘Best Friend’ featuring Woo.

You can listen to her discography here, to discover a few music gems check her SoundCloud, and follow her on Instagram, for cute picture and career updates. 

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