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Queendom 2 – Episode 6 Recap

It’s a new week in Queendom 2 and this time we will finally get to see the stages for the 3rd round. Catch up on last week’s episode here.

The episode this week started on a funny note with a new ranking titled “Seeking the hidden ranks of the Queens”, with this ranking we got to know who from all the teams debuted first, and the results were unexpected and hilarious. 

On the fourth place we got the queen Hyolyn with 13 years of solid career since her debut as an idol, however, the third place was for Yeseo from Kep1er who debuted as a child actress in 2010 just a month before Hyolyn. Second was VIVIZ’ Eunha who debuted in the drama ‘Love and War’; and the first place was given to Dayeon from Kep1er who debuted as a child actress in 2006 at just 4 years old. 

Next up, everyone decided who were the top three visuals, with Xiaoting from Kep1er in the 3rd place; Heejin from LOONA ranking second and finally WJSN’s Seola ranking first and getting special camera treatment during this cute get together. 

All the members also got to choose who they would want to recruit for their team, the most recruited ones were Chaehyun and Hikaru from Kep1er tied on the second place; and Hyolyn being the most wanted among all the teams and earning the first spot. As we all suspected, the other teams are Hyolyn fan girls. ADORABLE. 

While getting the reward for winning first place, Hyolyn was asked who she would like to recruit, and she chose the girls from VIVIZ (we all want a collab now).

Dance Practice

Following the wholesome get together, we got to see who the dance unit prepared for the interim performance, starting with the unit formed by Kep1er and Viviz, choosing their group name ‘KeV1Z’, and also finding out that their mentor for this round was none other than Honey J. 

Hyolyn and WSJN chose as the group name ‘Ex-it’, and had as mentors La Chica’s crew; and finally, Loona and Brave Girls and their team ‘I’m the Queen’, had none other than PROUDMON’s Monika as mentor. 

After seeing the performance of the dance teams, the members chose the winner for the evaluation with the vocal team 33 and the dance team I’m the Queen taking the first place in their respective categories. 

The winners of this interim evaluation got to chose the performance order for the final stages, and it ended up like this: 

  • Vocal units: 3) Sun-Moon; 2) Milky Way Who Embraced the Universe; 1) 33.
  • Dance Units: 3) Kev1z; 2) Ex-it; 1) I’m the Queen

After the get-together wrapped up, we went straight to D-Day. For this round there are a total of 5000 points for each category, and it will be divided in 2500 for the 1st place, 1500 for the 2nd place, and finally 500 for the 3rd place.

The final score and ranking will be decided by adding up the results of the second round with the third one, and for this round the special guests panel is made up of famous vocalists and choreographers.

The Stages

The vocal units had to start. The girls from Sun and Moon went up first. 

We got to see some adorable footage of the girls going to a butterfly garden. They seem like they get along well! It’s utterly sweet.

Sun and Moon performed the single ‘Don’t Go’. They all looked incredible in white, kind of like faeries. It was an incredible performance. We got stunning vocals, the harmonies were beyond nice and it was such an amazing portrayal of emotions. The members got emotional on stage.

The next unit is Milky Way Who Embraced the Universe. Eunha brought couple rings to the picnic the WJSN members had prepared. The members decided to go for the song ‘Hold my hand’ by IU. During the recording of the track we see how much effort the members put into their parts. Yeonjung was having some trouble because she’s also performing in the musical ‘Lizzie’, so she felt she was projecting her voice too much.

The stage was filled with flowers for the performance. Yeonjung was even sitting on a flower swing. Soobin started between the audience and walked her way up to the flower mic. It was beautiful. She nailed her high notes that she was struggling with during the recording.

The last vocal unit is 33. We get glimpses of the recording and we see Hyolyn and Minyoung enjoy a midnight barbecue. Minyoung cooked everything herself and they both thoroughly enjoyed the food. The two had a heart-to-heart about the hardships of being leaders. 

They performed ‘To My Youth’ by BOL4. We got a magnificent performance that left me speechless and definitely in my feelings. I like the thought behind the handwritten lyrics on the screen and how they started on separate stages and ended together. 

MNET ended the episode on a major cliff hanger. We saw the vocal units receive their ranking but they didn’t share it with the viewers yet. That’ll be for next week’s episode. 

That’s the end for our recap of episode 6 of ‘Queendom 2’.