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Ode To The Artist: Hyolyn

Let’s chat about this total queen Hyolyn. She’s a household name in the K-pop industry and I’m loving the fact that newer K-pop fans are discovering her in the lastest season of ‘Queendom’ which you can read all about here.


Hyolyn had her debut with the fantastic girl group Sistar as the group’s leader. She was a trainee in JYP Entertainment for a bit before switching to Starship Entertainment. 

Sistar debuted in 2010 with the single ‘Push Push’. 

I don’t want to dive too deep into the girl group as I want to focus more on Hyolyn’s solo career for this feature. 

In 2013 Hyolyn made her solo debut with the mini-album ‘Love & Hate’.

In the same year she also nailed the OST ‘Let it go’ for the ‘Frozen’ soundtrack. 

She also featured in the song ‘Without You’ by Mad Clown.

Hyolyn also collabed on the single ‘Erase You’ by Jooyoung.

In 2016, she came back with her second EP ‘It’s Me’ with the title track ‘Paradise’ which is still an absolute bop.

The year after started off great with the collaborative single ‘Blue Moon’ featuring Changmo.

2017 was a very hectic year as it meant the disbandment of Sistar, leaving Starship Entertainment and founding her own entertainment company Bridʒ.

Bops galore

2018 was the year that gave us so many iconic BOPS. We got ‘Dally’, ‘SEE SEA’ and ‘BAE’.

You know better’ was released in 2019 and was such a beautiful track that showed another side of her. The vocal power was insane.

The EP ‘SAY MY NAME’ came out in 2020 and contained some of her greatest hits.

In 2021 she came out with the three singles ‘To Find A Reason’ featuring Mad Clown and Kim Seungmin, ‘Summer or Summer’ featuring Dasom and ‘A-Ha’.

Her most recent comeback was the single ‘Layin’ Low’ featuring Jooyoung.

Hyolyn has such a fantastic career. She can dance, sing and act. She genuinely seems like a great person too. So I’m very excited to follow her journey.

Go ahead and follow her on Instagram here, and check out her Spotify here.

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