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[Offstage] MonoTree

Today, let’s talk about the producing company MonoTree. If you haven’t heard of them yet, no stress. However, you have 100% listened to music created by them. You might just be surprised. 


The producing company MonoTree started in 2014. MonoTree was founded by Hyun Hwang, G-high and JooHyoung Lee who were former producers at a different company called Sweetune. 

This is what they wrote on their website: “We want to build creative alliances to share and facilitate the ideas about the music culture with creative musicians and organizations.”

Here’s a graph from their site that explains their process a bit more.

Photo by MonoTree

The people involved with MonoTree have a YouTube channel where they speak about the releases they were involved in. I’d really recommend watching some, because they’re so informative.

Currently they have a whopping sixteen lyricists and producers working in the company, which explains why they can drop bop after bop without stopping.

Here’s the full list.

  • Hyun Hwang (IG) – Producer, Songwriter
  • G-high – Producer, Songwriter
  • Jooyoung Lee (IG) – Producer, Songwriter
  • ​DK Choo (IG) – Producer, Songwriter
  • GDLO – (IG) – Producer, Songwriter
  • NOPARI (IG) – Producer
  • Jongsung Yoon (IG) – Producer
  • ​Onestar (IG) – Songwriter, Singer
  • Koeun Son (IG) – Producer, Songwriter
  • Jiyeon Park – Lyricist
  • Inner Child (IG) – Producer, Songwriter
  • pdly (IG) – Producer
  • Heron Kim (IG) – Songwriter, Singer
  • Reda – Songwriter, Singer
  • Aejin Kwon – Songwriter, Singer
  • Moof – Producer, Songwriter
  • ​Margum Jung – Content Supervisor
  • Jiwon Jung – A&R
  • Sunyoung Kang – Recording Engineer

Usually when you look at the credits of a song, you’ll see the name of the producer and then between brackets MonoTree. Take a look at this example of ONF’s latest title track ‘Beautiful Beautiful’. ONF in particular has worked together with MonoTree for almost every comeback and I’ve loved each and every single one of them. They produced the entire album ‘ONF:MY NAME‘.

Hyun Hwang himself has 153 songs listed under Composition at the moment. That’s hella impressive. 


Now, let’s take a (brief) look at their discography. They’ve created an insane amount of music so I can’t list everything. That’s why I’ll give a brief overview of some of my personal favorites. You can discover the full list on their website here.

Ladies Code – ‘The Rain’

Tiffany – ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ featuring Simon Dominic

SHINee – ‘U need me’

Red Velvet – ‘My dear’

f(X) – ‘When I’m alone’

STELLAR – ‘Sting’

Tiffany – ‘Just wanna dance’

Jonghyun – ‘Lonely’ featuring Taeyeon

JinSoul – ‘Singing in the rain’

Red Velvet – ‘Moonlight Melody’

(G)I-DLE – ‘$$$’

TWICE – ‘Say Yes’

Taemin – ‘Day and Night’

Loona – ‘Hi High’

ONEUS – ‘Valkyrie’

Jung Seung Hwan – ‘The Voyager’


YooA – ‘End of Story’

There’s many, many more and I feel bad for not listing them all, but honestly this could go on for hours. 

I hope you discovered some new talent with MonoTree, that you were able to connect some dots. That’s what happened when I looked a bit deeper. 

Go ahead and check out their Instagram here, and their Twitter here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.