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[Review] ONF – Love Effect

The boys from ONF are finally back and we love to see it! They released their mini-album ‘Love Effect’ today and we’re super stoked about this comeback. They’ve been busy with their obligatory enlistment, but they’re back and ready to remind the K-pop world how unique they are.

Love Effect

We start off with the track ‘Be Here Now‘. This immediately sets off a beautiful tone. The harmonies, the vocals and the uplifting heart of the track are absolutely everything. Members MK and Wyatt co-wrote this song with Hwang Hyun from MonoTree.

Next up is the title track ‘Love Effect‘. I’m absolutely in love with this groovy piano in the instrumentation. I also enjoyed the different sections of the track. The beats were fun and the brass a great addition.

I’m literally so happy they’re back.

‘Dam Dam Di Ram’ is the next track. We’re going for a summer club moment with sick beats and a catchy hook. The flute they’re using in the instrumentation really adds that freshness. Wyatt’s voice as always is absolute bomb!

‘Arrival’ is a synth wave track that has a lot of momentum and drive and has a lot of really fun moments. The pre-chorus is everything!

The closing track is ‘Wind Effect’. This is meant to be the prequel to the title track ‘Love Effect’. This is a slow and tender track that’s accompanied by a piano and the members’ sweet vocals. I would love to hear the live acoustic version of this, because emotions.

Overall ‘Love Effect’ by ONF is such a sweet and wholesome comeback. They show off all of their strengths and I’m so happy they’re back.

Go ahead and listen to this comeback here.

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