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[Review] WENDY – Like Water

WENDY is officially back and released her first mini-album ‘Like Water’. I’m expecting stunning vocals and enough ballads for a long crying session. Let’s take a look.

Like Water

The first of two title tracks is the single ‘When This Rain Stops’. This beautiful power ballad is proof again of how amazing WENDY is as a vocalist. That belting in the bridge is *chef’s kiss*. Her voice together with the piano is stunning. I also desperately want to hear an acoustic live version of this. 

‘Like Water’ is the second title track of this release. This one got me emotional. ‘Like Water’ is another emotional ballad, but a lot softer than the previous one. It’s the combination of the strings and the softer tones. It feels warm. The layering works really well in this track and it has enough different samples in the back to keep it an interesting listening experience, even if you don’t like ballads.

We’re going bluesy with ‘Why don’t you love me?’. The backing vocals give it that extra ‘oomph’. I like this one a lot. I can see a performance video with a fifties style in my mind’s eye. It’d be awesome. 

Next up is the track ‘The Road’. This one was created by people from MonoTree. The sweeping guitar with the electric guitar, gives it that ballad rock vibe I love. WENDY’s vocals are brilliant and feel very rich in this one. I like how she plays with dissonant tones.

The last track is ‘Best Friend’ featuring groupmate SEULGI. I’m quite happy that there’s at least one feature by someone from Red Velvet. It just feels really wholesome. That chorus is everything. If you need a best friend anthem, this is the one.


Honestly ‘Like Water’ is a lovely mini-album by WENDY. Every track is a ballad rediscovered in a different genre or with different elements added to it. It’s a lovely listening experience. You can find the mini-album on Spotify here.

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