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[Review] HYNN – To You

HYNN is back with her new EP ‘To You’. I’m expecting powerballads and some smooth R&B so let’s take a closer look at this release.

To You

We start off with the single ‘My Love’ featuring Car, the garden. This love serenade has such a lovely instrumental. I really enjoyed the opening which blends seamlessly into Car, the garden’s soft vocals. When the violins come in, I was already sold and I’m obsessed with their harmonies. 10/10!!

Next up is the first title track ‘To You’ that was produced by JUNGKEY. This break-up song will tug at your heartstrings. I’m very much living for the drama. It’s an excellent song! HYNN looks amazing with her pink hair.

‘If I’ is the second and last title track. This MonoTree production has some sweet, sweet piano in the instrumentals. This stunning R&B ballad is super smooth and really utilises HYNN’s lower register.

Next up is ‘Promenade’ which starts off with beautiful acoustic guitar. This folk inspired track was written and composed by 20 Years of Age. This song is super soft and feels very comforting somehow.

The last track on this release is ‘Lullaby’. This song feels a bit like a suckerpunch. It is absolutely beautifully done. The instrumentation is to die for. HYNN certainly knows how to use her voice to make you feel.

Overall, ‘To You’ by HYNN is a fantastic release. It’s currently not available yet on Spotify, but here’s the link to her Artist Profile to keep an eye out.

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