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Ode To The Artist: Jang Jane

Jane Jang is our latest pick for our Ode To The Artist. This Korean singer-songwriter has a wonderful timbre and talent to write and create songs. 


Jane Jang participated in ‘Superstar K2’ in 2010 and finished in third place. Huh Gak won first place that season.

She looks utterly adorable! Jane was born in 1991, so she was 19 when she joined the show.


Her first official single was ‘그대는 철이 없네’ featuring Kim Ji Soo which already shows her more jazzy side.

Her second single feels more folksy than jazzy, but still with her great vocals.

In 2011 Jang was nominated as ‘Best New Female Artist’ for the Mnet Asian Music Awards. Apink ended up winning in that category.

Jane Jang steadily released more singles and EPs but remained true to her quirky style.

One of my favorite songs to date is the 2017 release ‘Carmen’, which I even featured as a MV Rec.

Her song ‘Button’ is also another song that feels timeless.

Collab with SUHO

After that came probably the two singles that gained the most mainstream recognition. In 2018 she released two singles featuring SUHO from EXO.

Her song ‘Seoul Noir’ came after and it is such a vibe. That electric guitar is so DOPE.

The 2019 EP ‘INNER SPACE’ is still something I listen to frequently. 

Her latest release is the full-length album ‘The Quest for Anxiety’ which is a little bit more rock/experimental inspired than what we’re used to. It’s such a ride to listen to, if you have time please do.


Jane Jang seems to be a favorite for OSTs. She has plenty and even won an award for her OST for the K-drama ‘Kill me, heal me’.

Some of her other OSTs are for shows like ‘Remember’, ‘The Good Wife’, ‘Shopping King Louis’, ‘VIP’ and many more.

Definitely go check out her music on Spotify here and go check up on her Instagram.

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.