Photo Credits: EPIK HIGH

MV Rec: Epik High – LOVEDRUNK feat Crush

Epik High’s music video for their 2019 single ‘LOVEDRUNK’ is a stunning production that features none other but well known actresses Lee Ji-eun (aka. IU) and Jin Seo-Yeon.

Entirely filmed in black an white, this music video narrates the story between a master (Jin Seo-Yeon and its apprentice (IU), and how in the course of the story the apprentice ends up surpassing its master becoming one herself.

The acting of Seo-Yeon and Ji-eun was absolutely stunning, with breathtaking shots and effects that complemented the music videos’s emotions and made it even more touching.

Watch the music video below, and remember to check out our review for Epik High’s latest release here

Kathleen Herrera
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