Photo Credits: SM Entertainment

Hot Singles of the Week

In this edition, the music scene witnessed a dynamic blend of rookies, legendary idols, and popular groups, offering a diverse range of fantastic music to satiate every taste. Brace yourself for an array of surprises as we unveil the hot singles of the week.

Kicking off the week, the project group PUZZLE made a grand entrance with their debut single ‘SAVIOR.’ Delving into an EDM/Pop mix with a mysterious touch, PUZZLE brings a fresh sound that captivates from the first beat.

Super Junior’s RYEOWOOK returned to the scene, casting a nostalgic and heartfelt spell with his single ‘It’s Okay.’ As expected, RYEOWOOK pours his heart and soul into a beautiful ballad, adorned with stunning instrumentation and an abundance of emotion.

JYP, the powerhouse himself, brought the disco vibes back with the single ‘Changed Man.’ True to JYP’s signature style, this unexpected and cool track will have you grooving to its infectious beats.

Park Bom made a captivating return with the single ‘I,’ featuring DAWN. The emotions run deep in this passionate piece, showcasing Park Bom’s incredible vocals and delivering a nostalgic and enchanting listening experience.

The rookie group LUN8 introduced their first subunit, LUN8wave, with the digital single ‘Playground.’ Filled with vibrant and playful tunes, this debut showcases the group’s colorful musical palette and guarantees a fun listening session.

Rookie group iii made a striking debut with the digital single ‘Forbidden Midnight.’ Sporting a familiar rhythm and a cool arrangement, this interesting debut not only introduces the group but also allows each member to shine uniquely.

Aespa wrapped up the week on a joyful note with their rendition of the Christmas classic, ‘Jingle Bell Rock.’ The re-arrangement adds a fantastic twist while preserving the core charm of the holiday classic, showcasing aespa’s unique touch.

That concludes this week’s journey through the hottest singles. Share your favourite in the comments, and stay tuned for more musical discoveries!