Photo Credits: BPM Ent. / EgoENT

Hot Singles of the Week

Welcome back to another roundup of single releases that have rocked the week! From fresh rookies to seasoned idols, this week’s lineup offers a diverse array of music across every genre. Let’s dive right in.

EgoENT’s latest group, VVUP, kicked off their journey with the debut single “Locked On.” Sporting a youthful, modern, and laid-back concept, this track exudes fantastic vibes and serves as a solid introduction to the group.

Taking a different direction, SPIA, under Campus Entertainment, debuted with “Daddy’s Little Girl.” This track leans towards the edgy side with a serious and slightly dark sound, showcasing the group’s versatility.

A highlight of the week was the collaboration single “Officially Cool” by Bang Yedam and Winter from aespa. With its R&B pop style and stunning vocals, this track delivers a fantastic listening experience that captivates from start to finish.

Renowned balladist LEE MU JIN enchanted listeners with his latest single “Propose.” Showcasing exceptional singing abilities and a softer concept, this track is a beautiful blend of melodies, instrumentals, and style.

The wait is over as RIIZE finally released the complete version of their debut track “SIREN.” Despite its release over six months ago, this song remains an iconic piece of music that continues to captivate listeners.

Closing out the week is ILY:1 with their latest comeback “IMMM.” This sweet bop showcases the group’s charms with catchy tunes, an EDM arrangement, and impressive vocals and rapping.

That concludes this week’s roundup of single releases. Let us know in the comments which was your favourite, and stay tuned for more exciting music updates!

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