Photo credits: A TEAM Ent

BugAboo debuts with their first single album ‘bugAboo’

The girl group bugAboo debuted with their first single album ‘bugAboo’. This new six member girl group under A TEAM Entertainment which also houses the group VAV.

The word bugaboo stands for an imaginary object of fear. The group bugAboo wants to overcome that fear together and fulfill their dreams.

We get a brand new music video filled with outstanding visuals and some really cool set design for the debut title track ‘bugAboo’. I also spotted some cool movie references like from the films ‘IT’ and ‘Ghostbusters’.

The song is catchy and was, according to the album description inspired by the Italian composer Ennio Morricone which you can hear in the instrumentation.

‘All Night Play’ is the second single. We’re going retro on this one. The 808 bits from video games is fun and I like how they blended the occasional autotune to the vocals. It’s a really fun track that feels very playful.

Overall the single album by ‘bugAboo’ is a great way to debut in such a cutthroat industry. I hope to hear a lot more from them.

You can find them on Spotify here.

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