Photo Credits: YG Entertainment

TREASURE debuts their sub-unit T5 with ‘MOVE’

TREASURE is back with new music after a successful Asian tour. This time they dropped the pre-release single ‘MOVE (T5)’ including their new sub-unit including JIHOONJUNKYUJAEHYUKDOYOUNG, and JUNGHWAN.

Written and co-produced by Junkyu, ‘MOVE (T5)‘ includes fantastic hip-hop/edm beat, with a lovely synth line and a lot of groove. This single is a total bop with great mixing, and a surprising and unexpected bridge. For the music video, TREASURE went for a sexy and leathery concept, with sick moves, effects and lighting showing off the members’ visuals, this production is a total trip, watch in below.

Listen to this pre-release single here.

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