Ode To The Artist: Kim Hyun-jung

We’re back with a new Ode To The Artist and this time I really wanted to write about this absolute legend Kim Hyun-jung. She’s released some super powerful bops and has left a lasting impression on the Korean music world with her releases. 


Kim Hyun-jung actually had her start in metal bands. However her official solo debut happened in 1997 and both her powerful high vocals and her really long legs made her an instant star. 

She debuted with the full-length album ‘Legend’ which is honestly kind of iconic.Her title track ‘Breakup with her’ is a straight up bop.

‘Love Alone’ from that album was also really popular. 

Her second album ‘A Seagull of dream’ was released in 1999.

Her third album was ‘The 3rd Eye’. All three of these albums won the Album bonsang at the Golden Disc Awards. 

From 1998 to 2002 she won the award for Singer of the Year at the KBS Music Awards. That’s five years in a row and is pretty darn impressive. 

In 2001 Kim Hyun-jung came out with the album ‘Wild beauty’.

Her album ‘Diet’ was released in 2002.

‘Hit For 6ix’ was her sixth full-length album. This was released in 2003.

The next full album was ‘I love Soul’ the year after.

Her latest full album came out in 2008 with ‘In N Out’.

After this she has continuously released singles and even an EP.

One of her hit singles is the incredible ‘1 minute 1 second’.

Honestly, the fact that we’re still getting new music out of such an incredible legend is astounding. Kim Hyun-jung has an incredible career behind her and has shaped part of the industry. 

Go listen to her music on Spotify here.

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