The lovely YENA is back with new music in her new mini-album ‘GOOD MORNING’, she has been experimenting with sounds and styles, and we are definitely looking forward to listen to what she has prepared for this EP.

Let’s dive into the music!


The EP kicks off with the title track, ‘Good Morning,’ where YENA unveils her rock-pop and nostalgic side. The song resonates with emotion, showcasing her all-encompassing talent. The music video’s storytelling adds another layer to the experience, with intriguing set changes and a dynamic pace that captivates the audience. Make sure to watch it below.

Following up is ‘Good Girls in the Dark,’ introducing a darker tone and an interesting composition. The combination of guitar and synth adds depth and richness to the single, providing a smooth and captivating listening experience.

Emotion takes the spotlight in ‘Damn You,’ a track infused with an iconic twist and impeccable layering. From ad-libs to high notes, YENA’s vocal prowess shines through, allowing listeners to appreciate her dynamic range and incredible talent.

The EP concludes on a heartfelt note with ‘The Ugly Duck.’ Marked by an electric guitar and YENA’s emotionally charged lyrical delivery, this final track exudes passion and uniqueness, offering a beautiful closing note to the release.

YENA’s ‘GOOD MORNING’ not only expands her sonic palette but also unveils a side of her we haven’t encountered before. The EP is a musical journey worth exploring, and you can immerse yourself in its emotive soundscape here.