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[Review] NMIXX – Fe3O4: BREAK

The girls from NMIXX are back with their latest mini-album ‘Fe3O4: BREAK’. Let’s dive right in because expectations are high!


I am absolutely living for this title track. ‘DASH‘ is fresh, fun and funky. I like the beat, the progression and the outstanding vocals and its layering.

Soñar (Breaker)‘ is a Latin style hip-hop track. It’s an interesting combo and catchy to boot. The chorus is to die for. The rap verses are fierce. This was pre-released last month. We wrote about it here.

We’re going for country with ‘Run for Roses’ and it’s literally a vibe. The instrumentals include the banjo, violin and electric guitar. This mini-album is really bop after bop. The vocals are excellent!

‘BOOM’ continues along with hip-hop and an 808. It’s a vibe and the bridge is super nice!

Up next is ‘Passionfruit’. This is a Jersey Club bounce-based pop song. Again, the vocals are absolutely killer and the layering is fantastic. This feels like summer and the beach. It’s that or I’m severely vitamin D deficient.

XOXO’is such a smooth R&B listen. I also liked the album description: “it contains the message of facing and communicating together even in a harsh reality full of misunderstandings, prejudices, and sharp words.”

The closing track is ‘Break The Wall’. This is a pop anthem! I’m obsessed with the power behind the track and the powerful vocals.

You can listen to ‘Fe3O4: BREAK’ by NMIXX on Spotify here.

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