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[Review] Wendy – Wish you hell

Our girly Wendy is back with her second mini-album ‘Wish you hell’. This is her second solo drop, so we’re excited.

Wish you hell

The opening track is also the title track ‘Wish you hell’. Wendy is attending her own funeral which was a bit trippy. I love the retro aesthetics though!

The title song is a pop track with a band sound and a catchy hook. I kind of wish they had added a dirtier guitar for a more grunge sound. That would have been such a moment! However, this is a very cute pop track which fits Wendy’s vocals to a T.

Next up is ‘His car isn’t yours’ which brings us to R&B ballad town. It has a chill beat and a very languid feel. This is a fully English track. Honestly I really enjoyed this track! This is the kind of song  you belt along to while driving. If you see me doing this in real life, please ignore me. I’m feeling my feelings.

‘Best Ever’ is cute indie pop! I love it! I love the brass line added and the happy cheerful vibes. I wasn’t expecting to hear this kind of sound from Wendy but I LOVE it! The bridge is adorable and I love the little synth in the backing that’s going wild.

Following that is ‘Better Judgement’. It’s giving major emotional whiplash as we’re going back to chill R&B town. This is a beautiful track with a storytelling factor to it. It’s lovely!

‘Queen of the party’ leaves R&B town again and goes to party pop. According to the album description: “It vividly depicts a person holding a party alone in a space without any disturbance, becoming a queen and enjoying herself to the fullest.” I dig it! Also I approve releasing this during March, as we’ve just celebrated international women’s day.

We close off the mini with ‘Vermilion’. This is another R&B ballad track with rich harmonies, and layered vocals. This is warm like hot cocoa and warm hugs. It’s absolutely lovely!

‘Wish you hell’ by Wendy is an outstanding album! She really shines and delivers sweet vocals and stories.

Go listen to it here on Spotify.

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