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[Review] OnlyOneOf – Instinct, Pt.2

OnlyOneOf is back with the mini-album ‘Instinct Part.2‘. This group had fans around the world shook with their comeback ‘Instinct, Pt.1′. For this release they are following up this storyline with a very much aesthetically pleasing concept with beautiful visuals.

We are excited to listen to this release. The music this group has been putting out has been incredible and we cannot wait to listen to the new surprises they prepared for the fans.

Let’s dive in.

Instinct, Pt.2

This EP starts with the title track ‘skinz‘ and the musical arrangement and beat layering for this track is insane. It is a rather dark and serious track, however, it is also trendy and catches the listeners’ attention as it plays. The distortion added makes even more interesting to listen to, and together with the members’ vocals this song becomes an immersive experience.

For the music video they went for a sexy concept in their choreography. They definitely took aspects of the ‘Instinct, Pt.1’ for the music video but made it a lot more subtle. The colour palette and camera angles in this production are fantastic. Watch it below.

We go onto the very groovy and sexy tune ‘suit dance‘. Get ready for a very catchy song with smooth R&B and dreamy vocals. The synth line in this song is just SO GOOD. I like the airy style in some of the members’ vocals and how they delivered the lyrics flawlessly.

gaslighting‘ takes over with a dope EDM arrangement and beat mixing. The instrumentals added in some sections in the song was fantastic and just like the title track it made it super dark but very unique.

Last on the digital version is the single ‘ultimate bliss‘, this song goes off with a very smooth pop style with a unique and charming style. ‘Ultimate bliss’ was made so fans would want more, and it achieved it. I am extremely curious to listen to the other five tracks in the physical version of this release. They are guaranteed to be super smooth.

OnlyOneOf did not dissappoint with this release, they really delivered a balanced and very interesting mini-album. Make sure to listen to it here.

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