Photo Credits: Linchpin Music Corp.

GIRIBOY drops the single ‘One Snowy Day’ featuring SOLE

GIRIBOY released his new single ‘One Snowy Day‘ featuring SOLE’s soft vocals.

He has been putting out masterpiece after masterpiece and we are here for it.

Once Snowy Day‘ is no exception to this, the acoustic instrumentation, his raw rapping delivery and SOLE’s singing make this song an incredible listen. The bass in this song is just fantastic and I loved the depth it added to the song.

For the visualizer GIRIBOY kept it classy and simple, nevertheless, the shoots, camera angles and full production of this short version is stunning from start to end. Check it below.

You can listen to this release here, and make sure to head over to our review for his release ‘Avante‘.

Kathleen Herrera
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