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Our girl Nayeon from TWICE just released her first solo mini-album ‘IM NAYEON’. We have been impatiently waiting for this one, so let’s dive right in!


We start off with the fun pop track ‘POP‘. This is such a catchy, sing along track! It’s a guaranteed ear worm and undoubtedly will have you singing ‘pop pop’ at random moments during the day.

The video is giving me old Hollywood glam vibes. Nayeon looks absolutely stunning!

After that comes the track ‘NO PROBLEM’ featuring Felix of Stray Kids. This is such a chill pop track and will have you vibing from the start. I need a video where we see Nayeon on a roadtrip. I love her vocals in this one, also the difference between Nayeon’s higher vocals and Felix’s low ass voice is kind of amazing. This track is fully in English.

‘LOVE COUNTDOWN’ follows that and includes a feature by Hip-Hop artist Wonstein. Nayeon co-wrote the lyrics for this one and honestly, I’m obsessed. This track has such a laidback style. The combination of their vocals is super enjoyable. I love the fact that they have harmonies.

Next up

Next up is the single ‘CANDYFLOSS’. Jade from Little Mix co-composed this one. This somehow feels like a more mature bubblegum K-pop moment if that makes sense. I love it. The bridge is amazing!

‘ALL OR NOTHING’ was written by Nayeon herself. The production team The Stereotypes arranged the track. Everyone who is struggling with their path in life will be able to relate to these lyrics. It’s a smooth listen.

Following that is ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU’. This track was written and produced by, who we dedicated an entire feature to. ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU’ is a future R&B track that has an incredibly velvety feel to it.

The closing track is ‘SUNSET’. This smooth and dreamy sounding song is about a bitter love that disappears quickly like the sunset. I really like the strings and bass in this. The strings especially give it such a nice extra dimension that creates a lovely round sound.

Overall, ‘IM NAYEON’ is an incredible solo debut. The songs are well-balanced and all have enough power to stand alone too. It’s fantastic and I love the music direction she’s going in.

Go ahead and listen to the mini on Spotify here.

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