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[Review] Luminous – Between Light and Darkness (Self n Ego)

Rookie group Luminous is back with their second mini-album ‘Between Light and Darkness (Self n Ego)‘. They debuted last year and since then have successfully released a single and a mini-album. This release is connected to the narrative of their previous one, they have been building an interesting storyline packed with cool music.

Let’s check the tracks in this EP.

Between Light and Darkness (Self n Ego)

Starting off we get ‘MATRYOSHKA‘, the hip-hop track has very dope beats and deep bass. This single is very dynamic, I really enjoy the different sounds added in the track and the cool backing vocals.

Trouble‘ follows up with a trap inspired track and fantastic vocalization. The high notes are absolute killers in this song and the electric guitar added in the track was smooth.

The title track ‘All eyes down (advance)‘ with a very cool composition. The track, vocals and rapping in this song go off and create little momentums in this song, making it super fun to listen to. Every beat drop is very interesting and unexpected. They went for an unique mix and I totally dig it.

We are back with the angsty concept in the music video for this track, the choreography is fun and the camera work very cool. Check it below.

Scintillation‘ takes over with an EDM arrangement and soft vocals. This song has a bit of a pop-ballad style to it, but they added spice with electronic beats that made it a lot more trendy and cool. Definitely a fun listen.

Closing this EP we get ‘Want is more?‘, the mix in the track is fantastic and I really enjoyed the flow and style in the full song. The hook is super catchy, and I liked how this song stood out with the addition of Arabic style beats and the rapping.

Luminous did a wonderful job with this mini-album. This group is establishing their own brand with a unique sound and style. Make sure to keep an eye on them, and listen to this release here.

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