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One of our favorite bands LUCY is back with their new EP ‘PANORAMA’. These boys haven’t disappointed yet, so let’s dive right in!


The opening track is their title track ‘Jogging’. This song is hella cute and I’m living for it. Also hi to that random King Kong-size chicken. It’s a shot of dopamine and will make you happy. Also please note the banner behind the members, because ‘I’d rather be dead than cool’ is not something I’ve heard quite often.

‘Watermelon’ follows that with a very nice synth opening. This is such a cool song! There’s even a part where it sounds like they’re playing under water. It’s pretty incredible and I’ll be listening to this summer bop a lot.

After that we get ‘Straight Line’. We get some grooviness with fantastic vocals that gave me shivers when I listened to it for the first time. The violin is going off in the background and it makes me so happy. There’s a very echoey vocal belting in the back as well, and it’s just A+ from me.

The boys got a feature with SURAN! The next song ‘Missing Call’ immediately sets the mood with sweeping violins and a groovy bass. SURAN’s buttery soft vocals fit ‘Missing Call’ so well. I’m a little bit in love. They’re harmonizing y’all.

The fifth track on ‘PANORAMA’ is ‘Enough’. I love the effect they put on the intro, it really creates a very melancholic feel. This is their slowest song on the EP and I thoroughly love this one. Everything feels so well balanced in ‘Enough’, though that bass is adding that extra pizzazz. 

We close the EP off with their single ‘Flare’. This song was used in the competition SuperBand that formed the band.


The boys from LUCY did so well with their EP ‘PANORAMA’. I’m utterly obsessed and will be replaying this to death.

You can find the EP on Spotify here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.