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[Review] Hui – WHU IS ME: Complex

HUI is back with his first solo EP ‘WHU IS ME: Complex’. My expectations qre sky high, so let’s take a closer look!

WHU IS ME: Complex

We start off with the title track ‘Hmm Bop’. This is a groovy bop with a great hook and cool instrumentals. I’m digging the hip-hop opening and when the brass comes in, I was sold.

I can’t believe the ab action in the MV. That’s kind of crazy. I’m loving the retro vibes.

‘MELO’ follows that with House. This track is featured by artist Park Hyeon Jin, who is under H1gher Music. I’m digging the samples in the instrumentals and the mixing. The chorus is SO dope and Hui is solid on his vocals, as always.

Next up is ‘Cold Killer’ featuring Jinhyuk. We’re going for rock in this one. We get grungy guitars and cool layering. The ad libs are insane, hello vocals!

The closing track is ‘A Song from a Dream’ featuring Wooseok. This is the kind of rock ballad I was waiting for. I love the vocal harmonies and Wooseok and Hui are such a great duo. The bridge and the build up to the end really brings such a great moment of catharsis.

Overall ‘WHU IS ME: Complex’ by Hui is a great solo EP. Go check it out here.

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