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[Review] Code Kunst – Remember Archive

Code Kunst is back to stun everyone with his new full-length album ‘Remember Archive’. We’re super stoked to discover the 17 tracks of this release. Let’s take a closer look!

Remember Archive

We start off with the intro ‘Remember Archive’. This vibey track really creates a cool listening ambience that will get you in the right mood for the full album. It feels a bit bluesy and the distorted samples are very cool.

Next up is ‘Jumper featuring Gaeko and MINO. ‘Jumper’ is the first of two title tracks. I’m totally digging the jazzy moments interspersed with the fire rap verses. The bass is groovy as hell and I like the vocals during the chorus.

The video is pretty darn cool. I’m loving this art direction.

The following track ‘BAD BAD’ featuring Tabber and Jay Park was part of the pre-release single album ‘Archive 01’. We wrote about that here.

‘Circle’ featuring Crush is the second title track. We get his incredibly soulful vocals together with a bit of his rap skills. The layering is absolutely lovely

Lee Hi is the next feature for the single ‘HoMe Boy’. We love a good Lee Hi moment and this is one of them. The beat feels super fresh and this is something we haven’t seen her do yet. Lee Hi is credited as one of the songwriters and composers which we stan.

‘Woode’ featuring Woo follows that with some pure, oldschool hip hop. We get a cool beat and Woo firmly takes the stage. His rap flows effortlessly and it’s fantastic.

‘Shine’ has an insane line-up. We get Woo, Tiger JK and JUSTHIS. Talk about some insane rap talent all in one single. I’m obsessed with this. The flow goes hard and they each carry their individual charisma without feeling incoherent as a whole.

The following track ‘in the attic’ doesn’t have a feature. It’s a great vibey moment and feels like a bit of a restpoint of the album. I really enjoyed the soundscape he created and the wide feel of it.

‘Page 1’ featuring Yerin Baek and pH-1 is next. Everything with Yerin Baek in it is immediately a yes for me. The fact that this has pH-1 as a feature as well makes it a double win. Yerin Baek’s vocals are lovely as always. pH-1 uses his soft rap tone to create a sincere moment.

5th LP

Featuring BIG Naughty ‘Slip‘ comes up with beautifully arranged beat with a R&B core and plenty of smoothness, as expected BIG Naughty’s duality when it comes to rapping an singing are present in this song and make it a lovely listen from start to end.

Soft guitar strings play off ‘little bit‘ with DeVita as a feature, this single is all about beautiful singing, feeling the emotions and enjoying every minute of it. The distorted vocals and the back ones add a special touch to the feeling of this track. Just beautiful.

Next up is the pre-released single ‘55‘ with the power vocals of Yerin Baek and WENDY. ‘Terminal‘ featuring SUMIN, Kid Milli and CHAI takes over to give listeners the sexy touch in this released, the jazzy touch of this single is unreal, smooth and vibey.

CHAI and Paul Blanco are the features in ‘Petty‘, for this single we get a more sentimental vibe, with an interesting contrast of vocals and a very alt arrangement. ‘911‘ with Jackson Wang comes along to takes us to heaven with a retro sound, smoothes and him delivering the lyrics in a rather seductive way.

Hip-Hop beats take over in ‘Crew‘ featuring Coogie, Paloalto and Chin, this single goes off with impressive bars, and immaculate flow and a lot of style. Closing off this release is ‘Rec Stop‘ with the lovely singing of meenoi, the rain sound and acoustic guitar at the beginning sets the mood for this song and from there with get the perfect ending with a song that is soulful, organic and a beautiful listen.

Code Kunst as expected delivered a masterpiece of an album with incredible features and a even more impressive sound. Dive into the beauty of this release here.

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